Looking for a reliable cleaning service? 

In today’s fast-paced society, house cleaning has become a serious issue. The maintenance of your residence has become a hassle with respect to working males and females. Waking up in the morning after a long night and seeing your house in a bad state is not what anyone would want. Are you fed up of calling a new cleaning service each time? Are you tired of contacting third party cleaning companies and still not satisfied by how they have cleaned? The Maid Company has you covered. The Maid Company is a premium cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah offering hourlylive-inlive-out services. Found over a decade ago The Maid Company has been redefining standards in the maid service industry.  Here at The Maid Company, we interview, hire as well as train maids in the company to get them to maintain the high standards of the cleaning service industry. Our services could be hired by anyone through the website or even just my making a call. We offer services all the way from part-time maids to live-in maids in which all the costs of bringing in the helper will be borne by us. We believe that order and harmony are keys to a great working environment and that could be achieved with a clean working space. Yes, we do offer maid services in offices as well as residential areas. We believe that with clean residences, offices need to be well maintained as well to think outside the box and come up with solutions to tackle various problems and to take challenges faced daily by the business. Serving over 5000 customers in Dubai and Sharjah who were hesitant on requesting for any cleaning service have now been served and satisfied with our service and have made us their regular cleaning service. Why choose us?

The Maid Company Reference 

The Maid Company is a cleaning service present in Dubai and Sharjah offering various different. All you need to do is call the number on our home page and we will make sure to book you an appointment at the time convenient for you. Getting a full-time maid on your own is always a lot harder than it seems and can be a very long process, so to make it easier for you we can outsource the process or let us help you come up with a much more flexible solution. We even have updated our system in such a way that if you don’t have the time to call us or reserve an appointment online, we have a new WhatsApp which connects you to the WhatsApp number of the company where you can book an appointment. The selection of maid services provided in Dubai and Sharjah:

Hourly Cleaning Services

Our hourly services are here to help you keep your chores in routine while you are away. Our maids always have cleaning materials with them so you can opt for cleaning with our materials or yours. The maids are trained to provide commercial cleaning, ironing and take care of your kids.

Live In Cleaning Services 

Our maids also provide Live-in cleaning services for families that want a full-time maid without any complications. The maid would live in the clients’ house from Saturday to Thursday and could be there on Friday but for a nominal additional charge. We provide the best maids with all the essential legal documentation and formalities all on our expense. Our maids will be well trained and groomed and will be there to do all the housework.

Live Out Cleaning services

These services are for families who would like a cleaning service for a daily basis but they wouldn’t want the cleaner/maid living at their house. To cater to those people and help them be satisfied we have this service where the customer has privacy and comfort in living his personal life. This option accommodates to shifts with a 9-hour working day. Our main focus is the customer’s satisfaction, so if you are not completely satisfied with the service we will send you a replacement cleaner.  Our cleaners will be provided with the visa and health insurance so you wouldn’t have to go through any inconvenience.

Sponsored Maid Services 

Our sponsored service is a very unique service in which the maid will be sponsored on the company visa and all the legal process will be taken care of by the company. Keeping the customer's peace of mind in consideration, we provide the maid with a two-year visa instead of the one-year visa plan which is the case in direct sponsorship by the client. Direct sponsorship isn’t always easy as some countries such as the Philippines, Nepal and Indonesia is prohibited, but we as a Maid Company have no such restrictions. Our exceptional customer service team will be guiding you at all times along the way to keep you prepared for the process. The whole maid sponsoring process starts by the client identifying the maid he would like to sponsor and the process starts from there. The requirements for the documentation would be resent on our website which you can go to our Sponsored Maid page!

We at The Maid Company believe in these 4 pillars of service. 

1. Best Quality

2. Reliable

3. Honesty

4. Consistency

From the moment you contact us, we ensure that we will be dedicated to providing you with the best and most satisfying service possible with full-time professionals handling all your requirements and concerns at every step of the way.