Our Services

At The Maid Company, we are customer service oriented, passionate to deliver the best quality cleaning services and persistent to satisfy our client's need. With delivering our cleaning services to both residential and commercial sectors, 

We believe in 4 main pillars of services. 

1. Best quality: Delivering the best quality with passion
2. Reliable: Delivering our services in the most reliable and efficient manner
3. Honesty: Delivering our service with integrity and honesty
4. Consistent: Delivering the best quality which is reliable and with a high level of honesty in a consistent way.

From the moment you get in touch with us, we will ensure that you have dedicated service professionals handling all your requirements. Our priorities are clearly at giving your home the best possible clean and peace of mind.

For any booking and inquiry please call to our contact at 800 624326 or email us at contact@themaidcompany.ae