5 Smart Hacks That Will Make Laundry Day Easier!

1. Soften Sheets With Vinegar

Keep your laundry soft and clean with simple vinegar! Just roll the leaves into your washing machine with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar.
Vinegar softens the fabric, removes dirt and removes stagnant or body oil odors. Perform this treatment once a month or as needed so that your sheets are soft and clean.

2. Toss The Detergent Cap In the Wash

If you’re tired of detergent dripping everywhere after measuring it out into the cap, just toss the cap into the wash with your clothes! It will come out squeaky clean with zero drips to clean up. (Just make sure to take the cap out before you transfer your wash load to the dryer!)

3. Collect Lint In A Tissue Box

If you’re short on space in your laundry room, try using an empty tissue box as a receptacle for your dryer lint. Once the box is full, you can either toss it out or add it to your compost pile!
Another way to put dryer lint to good use is to make fire starters. Just tuck some lint into a toilet paper tube, set it in your fire, and light it up!

4. Prevent Creases With A Pool Noodle

Sick of those creases and lines that form in your clothes after drying them on your clothes rack? Try padding your rack with a pool noodle!Cut a piece of pool noodle to the length of the rods on your rack, then make a cut along the length of the noodle section to open it up. Slip the noodle onto one of the rods, then drape your damp clothing item over it.The noodle acts as a cushion between the rod and your clothes to prevent those harsh creases and lines from forming.

5 : Pre-Soak For Workout Clothes

When your workout clothes smell less than fresh after a particularly sweaty workout, doing a simple vinegar pre-soak can help eliminate odor and dissolve oily buildup.Just put your workout clothes in a sink, add enough cold water to submerge them, then pour in 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Leave your clothes to soak for at least an hour, then wash them with a gentle detergent to restore them to their clean, fresh state!

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