Tired of balancing between your daily household chores and your demanding 9am-5pm job? Longing for some quality family time but stuck with cleaning chores instead? The Maid Company is the solution to your cleaning problems. A professional maid service provides a plethora of benefits and the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. 

An experienced home cleaning agency will be able to provide you with a pleasant, clean, spotless and pristine home, without you having to sacrifice a good time with your family and friends.  Professional maids can help vacuum the house, do the dishes and also help with the windows, polishing, general tidying up and dusting - all tasks which are very time consuming, but necessary for a hygienic and well-kept home. So now, you can flaunt your new spic and span home and never worry about an unexpected guest showing up to your messy old one. 


When you hire a professional maid from a reputed home cleaning agency, such as The Maid Company, you can avail of the following benefits: 


SAVING TIME: A professional maid service will give you a lot more free time to either focus on your work, spend an enjoyable time with family or explore some of Dubai’s most happening places with your friends. With our maids, you can stop worrying about mundane things such as the state of your kitchen or your bed linens and enjoy the precious time you get after a long day at work. No more coming home to a stack of dirty dishes or a pile of clothes to wash. 


MULTIPLE SERVICES: From daily chores at your home or office to a messy location after a crazy party the previous night, our professional maids are equipped to clean up any place that you require to be cleaned.


PERSONAL SCHEDULE: Another important reason to hire maids from a home cleaning agency like ours, is that we can work around your schedule to provide you with cleaning help as and when required. You can schedule the cleaning the way you would want to and according to your needs. Planning for a house party or a leisure trip, without worrying about keeping your house clean has never been easier! By hiring from a home cleaning agency, you can avail of a custom made tailored cleaning schedule to suit your needs. 


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Our maids are professional and follow proper etiquette. They are experienced at cleaning all kinds of homes and provide the house owners with complete satisfaction. These maids are well trained to work with cleaning equipment in all kinds of home environments and can change the look of your house in just a few hours! With our professional cleaning services, you will never have to worry about not having enough time for yourselves, for your family or for your friends. Time is money and with our affordable cleaning services, you will be saving a lot of time...hence making it worth the money!